About WEYC

West End Yoga Centre, Brisbane Australia, Iyengar Yoga, Jamie Denham

WEST END YOGA CENTRE opened in May 2014 by its founder Jamie Denham. The centre has grown into a beautiful community. All levels from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners are welcome. It is a place where yoga teachers and students alike can learn about alignment and teaching techniques. It is a place that has seen lives transformed by the hard work and dedication of its students and teachers. It is a unique space with a light-hearted feel, but a serious work ethic. All the teachers at the centre are qualified Iyengar teachers or in training to be so. Iyengar teacher training is rigorous and renowned for its quality. Teachers at the centre are therefore very knowledgeable and can help students to find their full potential.

The centre has props such as rope walls that assist each student in the understanding of the pose and also make the pose accessible to them.

The community at WEYC is as unique as the surrounding suburb of West End with its endless supply of coffee and food. Come and play on a Saturday morning in either a beginner or Level 1 or Level 2 class. Follow up your practice with coffee with your teacher and peers before heading to the infamous Davies street markets.

West End Yoga Centre is a place of learning and developing the tools that are needed to connect us to a fuller, healthier and more vibrant life.